Illinois Primary Election Is March 15, 2016!

2016 Illinois Judicial Elections
Last Updated: 9:00am CST - March 16, 2016

Judicial Primary Election Results:

Democrat Primary - Cook County

Elrod Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

LIPINSKI D 276,141 33%
W FERNANDEZ D 554,513 67%

Hogan Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

O'MALLEY D 383,629 46%
W CONLON D 450,335 54%

Howlett Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

GILLESPIE D 521,651 64%
W CUSHING D 287,330 36%

Johnson Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

LaPAPA D 108,625 13%
CHAUDHARI D 119,751 15%
LYON D 164,936 20%
W GALLAGHER D 282,743 34%
McGRATH D 143,800 18%

Karnezis Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W McHUGH D 396,671 49%
SCHOOP D 265,344 33%
O'HARA D 152,176 19%

Palmer Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

HENEGHAN D 304,098 37%
W ORTIZ D 389,247 47%
BAUMANN D 131,790 16%

Ruscitti Grussel Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

WOJCIK  D 110,916 15%
W DUFFY  D 347,372 47%
TORRES-LINARES  D 283,973 38%

Walsh Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W POWERS D 420,586 53%
BATES D 375,243 47%

Cook County Subcircuit Court

1st Subcircuit - Brim Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W OUTLAW D 36,434 52%
AHMAD D 33,330 48%

1st Subcircuit - Hopkins Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

SIMPKINS  D 20,296 29%
W CRAWFORD  D 32,916 47%
COPLAND  D 16,912 24%

2nd Subcircuit - Savage Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

JONES D 15,865 23%
ROBINSON D 16,526 23%
W JACKSON D 25,683 36%
RICHARDSON D 12,378 18%

5th Subcircuit - Eadie-Daniels Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

MANGUM D 23,106 45%
W MURRAY D 27,803 55%

5th Subcircuit - Stuart Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W JONES D 29,953 58%
SHOFFNER D 21,519 42%

6th Subcircuit - Additional Judgeship A: (100 percent reporting)

W LOFTUS  D 24,634 45%
UNDERHILL  D 9,937 18%
CLAUDIO  D 19,879 37%

7th Subcircuit - Rivkin-Carothers Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W SPRATT D 15,709 27%
STUART D 3,931 7%
BALLARD D 14,023 24%
TAYLOR D 8,001 14%
JOHN D 3,706 6%
SILVA D 12,464 22%

9th Subcircuit - Berman Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

KOUGIAS D 20,714 36%
W ESRIG D 36,571 64%

10th Subcircuit - Howard Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

DALY D 17,296 30%
W REILLY D 23,223 40%
MALATESTA D 7,484 13%
CENAR D 9,476 16%

11th Subcircuit - Kelly Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

MARTIN  D 21,964 39%
DiCHRISTOFANO  D 11,944 21%
W SCHNEIDER  D 22,832 40%

12th Subcircuit - Kazmierski Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

APOSTOL D 4,659 12%
W QUINN D 17,378 45%
BAE D 12,013 31%
ANDREOU D 4,871 13%

12th Subcircuit - Mathein Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W MAHONEY D 28,763 79%
MATHEIN D 7,751 21%

12th Subcircuit - Additional Judgeship A: (100 percent reporting)

W HANLON D 23,437 65%
MASTERS D 12,637 35%

12th Subcircuit - Additional Judgeship A: (100 percent reporting)

KAPLAN R 13,844 45%
W KOZICKI R 17,799 55%

13th Subcircuit - Fecarotta Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W O'DONNELL R 18,833 55%
SEYRING R 15,174 45%

Downstate Circuit Court

Rock Island County: Meersman Vacancy: (100 percent reporting)

W MESICH D 10,765 59%
LEE D 7,358 41%

ICJL Releases Rating of Judges for March Primary Elections:

In an effort to better educate voters about choices for judge, the Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) today released the ratings of judges and judicial candidates running in the March 15th Illinois Primary Election. The ICJL judicial ratings are a part of the most complete and comprehensive voter education initiative of its kind, designed to assist voters in making informed decisions about the judicial candidates on their ballot. The initiative called Judges: Good and Bad-You Can’t Afford to be Indifferent can be found at illinoisjudges.net.

The ICJL judicial ratings show that Cook County is offering voters a number of candidates with Highly Recommended or Recommended ratings. That good news, however, is tempered by the fact that three judges in downstate St. Clair County have received Not Recommended ratings due to questions about their integrity.

“The ICJL invited judicial candidates and judges running in the Primary Election to submit answers to questions about their careers and candidacies in their own words which the ICJL then published in unedited form on its website, IllinoisJudges.net,” according to John Pastuovic, President of the Illinois Civil Justice League. “In addition to providing this information to voters, the ICJL also evaluated the questionnaire answers, judicial and career records, media accounts, bar ratings, campaign contributions, and other sources of information about each judge and judicial candidate to establish individual ratings,” he added.

Judges and judicial candidates were considered for ratings of Highly Recommended, Recommended, Not Recommended, or No Position.

View more information and a list of judicial recommendations.

Announced Vacancies for the Primary and General Elections 2016:

Appellate Judge Elections
First District (Appellate): Epstein Vacancy
First District (Appellate): Quinn Vacancy
Fifth District (Appellate): Stewart Vacancy
Fifth District (Appellate): Wexstten Vacancy

Cook County Circuit Judge Elections
Cook County (Countywide): Biebel Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Elrod Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Hogan Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Howlett Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Johnson Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Karnezis Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Love Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): O'Brien Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Palmer Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Ruscitti Grussel Vacancy
Cook County (Countywide): Walsh Vacancy

Cook County (1st Subcircuit): Brim Vacancy
Cook County (1st Subcircuit): Hopkins Vacancy
Cook County (2nd Subcircuit): Savage Vacancy
Cook County (4th Subcircuit): Kunkle Vacancy
Cook County (5th Subcircuit): Eadie-Daniels Vacancy
Cook County (5th Subcircuit): Stuart Vacancy
Cook County (5th Subcircuit): Williams Vacancy
Cook County (6th Subcircuit): Ponce de Leon Vacancy
Cook County (6th Subcircuit): Santiago Vacancy
Cook County (6th Subcircuit): Additional Judgeship A
Cook County (7th Subcircuit): Burrell Vacancy
Cook County (7th Subcircuit): Rivkin-Carothers Vacancy
Cook County (9th Subcircuit): Berman Vacancy
Cook County (10th Subcircuit): Howard Vacancy
Cook County (11th Subcircuit): Kelly Vacancy
Cook County (11th Subcircuit): Zwick Vacancy
Cook County (12th Subcircuit): Kazmierski Vacancy
Cook County (12th Subcircuit): Mathein Vacancy
Cook County (12th Subcircuit): Tristano Vacancy
Cook County (12th Subcircuit): Additional Judgeship A
Cook County (13th Subcircuit): Fecarotta Vacancy
Cook County (14th Subcircuit): Murphy Vacancy

Downstate Circuit Judge Elections
First Circuit (Alexander): Spomer Vacancy
Second Circuit (Edwards): Frankland Vacancy
Fourth Circuit (Christian): Spears Vacancy
Fourth Circuit (Fayette): Schwarm Vacancy
Fifth Circuit (Cumberland): Everhart Vacancy
Sixth Circuit (DeWitt): Bryan Vacancy
Sixth Circuit (Macon): Holder White Vacancy
Seventh Circuit (Circuitwide): Kelley Vacancy
Seventh Circuit (Circuitwide): Londrigan Vacancy
Eighth Circuit (Adams): Walden Vacancy
Eighth Circuit (Schuyler): McMillen Vacancy
Ninth Circuit (Circuitwide): Bordner Vacancy
Ninth Circuit (Circuitwide): Stewart Vacancy
Tenth Circuit (Marshall): Galley Vacancy
Tenth Circuit (Peoria): Brandt Vacancy
Eleventh Circuit (Circuitwide): Reynard Vacancy
Eleventh Circuit (Circuitwide): Robb Vacancy
Eleventh Circuit (Woodford): Huschen Vacancy
Fourteenth Circuit (Rock Island): Meersman Vacancy
Fifteenth Circuit (Stephenson): Ursin Vacancy
Twentieth Circuit (Circuitwide): Baricevic Vacancy
Twentieth Circuit (Circuitwide): Haida Vacancy
Twentieth Circuit (St. Clair): LeChien Vacancy

Suburban Circuit Judge Elections
Eighteenth Circuit (Circuitwide): Burke Vacancy
Eighteenth Circuit (Circuitwide): Equi Vacancy
Eighteenth Circuit (DuPage): Elsner Vacancy
Nineteenth Circuit (4th Subcircuit): Additional Judgeship A
Twenty-First Circuit (Iroquois): Lustfeldt Vacancy
Twenty-First Circuit (Kankakee): Wenzelman Vacancy
Twenty-Second Circuit (McHenry): Graham Vacancy
Twenty-Third Circuit (DeKalb): Additional Judgeship A
Twenty-Third Circuit (DeKalb): Additional Judgeship A




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