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2014 Illinois Judicial Elections
Last Updated: 12:00pm CDT - September 15, 2014

ICJL Launches 2014 General Election Judicial Candidate Survey And Evaluations

The Illinois Civil Justice League has launched its 2014 judicial candidate evaluations with distribution of candidate surveys to 69 candidates for election. Surveys were mailed to candidates last week and surveys will be sent this week to 158 sitting judges who are seeking retention in November.

Candidate responses will be posted here on IllinoisJudges.net. Candidates who fail -- or refuse -- to respond may be noted and publicized.

In the election, candidates seeking retention must get approval -- or "yes" votes -- from 60 percent of those casting ballots on the retention question. Candidates in contested races much receive more votes then his or her opponent, as is the case in other races.

Terms for Supreme and Appellate justices are ten years each and Circuit court terms are six years each.

One Supreme Court election is on the ballot this year. Justice Lloyd Karmeier is seeking retention in the Fifth Judicial District, which include most of Southern Illinois.

This site will be updated almost daily as judicial candidates -- including sitting judges -- respond to the ICJL questionnaire.

Judges or judicial candidates who do not respond to the ICJL questionnaire -- which was prepared and/or approved by sitting judges, will be noted.

ICJL's evaluations -- and endorsements, if merited -- will be made beginning in mid-September.


Find candidates running in the November 2014 general election:

Here's a complete list of judicial races in Illinois for the general election on November 4, 2014:

Appellate Court:
1st District - Gordon vacancy
1st District - Murphy vacancy
1st District - Steele vacancy
2nd District - Bowman vacancy
4th District - McCullough vacancy

Downstate Circuits: (denotes Circuitwide or resident county position)
2nd - Sawyer vacancy (Wabash)
2nd - Harrison vacancy (Wayne)
3rd - Callis vacancy (Madison)
4th - Tungate vacancy (Circuitwide)
4th - Middendorff vacancy (Clinton)
4th - Long vacancy (Montgomery)
5th - Clary vacancy (Vermilion)
6th - Carroll vacancy (Douglas)
6th - McCarthy vacancy (Macon)
6th - Shonkwiler vacancy (Piatt)
7th - Zappa vacancy (Circuitwide)
7th - Mitchell vacancy (Morgan)
8th - Greenlief vacancy (Calhoun)
8th - Pope vacancy (Menard)
9th - Danner vacancy (Fulton)
10th - Shore vacancy (Putnam)
10th - Borden vacancy (Stark)
11th - Pacey vacancy (Ford)
12th - Livas vacancy (1st Subcircuit)
12th - Additional Judgeship (1st Subcircuit)
12th - Additional Judgeship (2nd Subcircuit)
14th - Hamer vacancy (Henry)
14th - Stengel vacancy (Rock Island)
15th - Mallon vacancy (Ogle)
16th - Simpson vacancy (3rd Subcircuit)
16th - Additional Judgeship (3rd Subcircuit)
18th - Webster vacancy (Circuitwide)
19th - Additional Judgeship (1st Subcircuit)
20th - Cook vacancy (St. Clair)
22nd - Condon vacancy (2nd Subcircuit)

Cook County Circuitwides:
Cook County - Arnold vacancy
Cook County - Burke vacancy
Cook County - Connors vacancy
Cook County - Egan vacancy
Cook County - Felton vacancy
Cook County - Howse vacancy
Cook County - Lowrance vacancy
Cook County - McDonald vacancy
Cook County - Neville vacancy
Cook County - Reyes vacancy
Cook County - Veal vacancy

Cook County Subcircuits:
2nd - O'Neal vacancy
3rd - Donnelly vacancy
4th - Billik vacancy
4th - Mulhern vacancy
7th - Hardy-Campbell vacancy
7th - Taylor vacancy
9th - Goldberg vacancy
9th - Meyer vacancy
9th - Preston vacancy
10th - Additional Judgeship
11th - Additional Judgeship
12th - Jordan vacancy
13th - Iosco vacancy
15th - Doody vacancy
15th - Sterba vacancy




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